Pumpkin Carving Contest & Fundraiser!

Who’s ready for Halloween!?  Our youth group is!  During the month of October, the Jr. and Sr. High youth are encouraged to decorate and/or carve a pumpkin for our pumpkin carving contest.

Students will bring in their finished pumpkins on Sunday, October 21st to display in the atrium.  Pretty cool, right?  It gets better.

Before church service, members are invited to vote on their favorite pumpkins by bidding on them in a silent auction.  The bidding will continue after church and during the Sunday school hour.  Bidding will close at 10:50 at which time the winning bids can pay for their pumpkins and then take them home that day.

The student that carved the pumpkin which raised the most money will be declared the winner and receive a $20 gift card!

We’d also appreciate any donated pumpkin pies or other desserts that could be auctioned off/sold.  You can sign up to decorate a pumpkin or donate desserts using the form below or on the Youth Board in the atrium.


Support Our Youth – Subway Cookies Fundraiser

Our Junior and Senior High youth will be selling Subway cookies $7/dozen until June 24th.  You can order cookies from any of our youth, sign up on the sheet in the atrium, or contact our office with your order.  We do ask that you pay for the cookies at the time of order as we have to pay Subway before they’ll bake the cookies.

Subway is offering their Chocolate Chip, White Macadamia, Rasberry Cheesecake, Double Chocolate, and Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  You can also purchase a variety pack that includes 4 Chocolate Chip cookies and 2 each of the others.

If you order them on Sunday, we’ll have them at church for you the following week.  (See Pastor Bob, that’s how you get people to show up two weeks in a row!)

But wait…there’s more!

To make this a bit more interesting, some of the youth asked if they could shave my beard if they raised enough money.  And I said, I would probably be willing to shave my beard if they did.  To which they said, “No, we want to shave your beard.”  The only appropriate response was, “Wait, YOU want to shave MY beard?  That’s gross and weird.  Let’s do it!”

So now I’m closely monitoring these cookie sales and begging you to not buy them.  Which team are you on?  #SaveTheBeard or #ShaveTheBeard?  The proof is in the cookies!