Noisy Offering


In addition to our Mission of the Month, the church takes up a monthly “Noisy Offering”.  This is similar to our MOTM, but it focuses on missions that have been handpicked by the youth of our church: missions that are more local and ones that the youth can support not only monetarily, but with their time as well.

Learn more about the missions that our youth are involved with when you visit the links below.

This Year’s Noisy Offerings

  • March – Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer
  • April – Treehouse Wildlife Center
  • May – Victorious Children’s Home
  • June – Camp Scholarships
  • July – Intervaristy
  • August – Back To School Backpacks
  • September – Panther Pride Recognition Lunch
  • October – Trunk Or Treat
  • November – Youth Thanksgiving Meal Delivery
  • December – (TBD)