Small Groups


Here at JUMC, we offer numerous opportunities to grow closer to each other and God through Bible studies and small groups.  Check out our list of current Sunday morning small groups (we meet at 10am) and see if one might be right for you.

Adult Small Groups

Bible Believers: We are a multi-generational group (late 30’s to mid 80s) that spends time praying for each other and exploring various aspects of scripture and how it applies to our lives. Led by Dave Harmon (Meets in Room 106)

Faith Basics:  A class for all ages – young adult/senior adults, singles/couples, talkers/non-talkers, knowledgeable/new-to-the-faith.  Our God wants us to not just be “bench-warmers” in church, but to grow in the grace and knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.  He wants us to mature in our spiritual lives and be more Christ-like in our words and deeds.  Our class uses our favorite Bible translations, DVDs, workbooks, study guides, and text books to increase our knowledge.  Led by Jan Jorden (Meets in Room 107 next to the “Frog/Fish Tank)

Meet The Methodists:  This is a class that is only offered at certain times throughout the year for new members or those that are thinking about joining the church.  It is offered by Pastor Bob and gives an overview of Methodist beliefs and practices.  You can contact the church to learn when the next class is available.

Parenting: This class utilizes DVD’s and study materials that pertain mostly to parenting.  We recently finished a series on raising kids from about 11 to 18 and college.  This is a difficult time for kids and parents.  Dr. Kevin Lehman led the video series entitled, “Running the Rapids” using easy to follow and interesting illustrations.  Each week, we show a portion of the video and then stop for discussion.  The video and study book are available for those interested in borrowing it.  Soon we will be starting a series called “Time”, led by Andy Stanley.  There is a lot of good information in these studies so please come join us for discussions about God and the life he wants for us. Led by Gerald Fritz (Meets in Room 110)

#Saved?: The ‘Saved’ class is a small group focused on those that are starting their Christian journey.  The group is currently studying The Bible Project, an amazing set of lessons and short videos that teaches the Bible as it is meant to be read, paying attention to different literary styles. Led by Rachel Van Deven (Meets in Room 109)

Together:  Led by Pastor Dennis Hill (Meets in Room 116)

Visions:  Class ages range from 45 to 70. All lessons are Bible based. We use literature from well known authors. At this time we are looking at the differences between the Catholic and Protestant beliefs.  Led by Fred Summers (Meets in the Parlor)


Youth Small Groups

We offer groups for youth of all ages from Preschool through 12th grade.  We also have nursery available during both the 9am service and 10am group.

Nursery: For those little ones under the age of 3, we have a nursery full of age-appropriate toys that is staffed with background-checked volunteers.  This is a service we are happy to provide for free so that you may attend one of our groups. The Nursery is located in Room 101.

3-yrs.-PreK:  Children from age 3 through Preschool will love singing songs, doing crafts, and learning Bible stories with our team of volunteers.   Led by Shannon Blackorby, Ann Bishop, Amber Ford, and Phyllis Ogden. Meets in Room 103.

Kindergarten-1st Grade:  Kindergarten through 1st grade students will get to sing songs, make crafts, and hear about God through the lessons taught by our amazing volunteers.  Meets in Room 105.

2nd-3rd Grade:  Students will learn all about this amazing God that we proclaim through the teaching of Martha Schaaf, Roxanne Hahn, and Janet Rosentrator.  Meets in Room 113.

4th-5th Grade:  Come hang out with Amy and Larry Lowis as they teach the word of God through our brand new Group curriculum using fun, interactive stories, memory verses, and more. Meets in Room 115.

Junior High (6th-8th Grade):  Students will go deeper into their understanding of the Bible and their relationship with God.  They’ll get to hear some of the weird, strange stories that are in the Bible through fun games and discussions.  Led by Matt and Tabitha Schulte and Michelle Lyons.  Meets in the Upper Room.

High School:  Students will grow more mature in their faith through our LinC Curriculum (Living In Christ) as taught by Cristy and Marty Dial.  Meets in the Upper Room.