Tailgate Sunday

On Sunday, November 25th, the church will be having a Tailgate Sunday.

Members are encouraged to wear their team colors, jerseys, hats, ties, and whatever else to support their team…maybe not face paint.

Yeah, definitely not face paint

After Sunday School all are invited to the church parking lot to grill some food and hang out with other church members.

Bring your own grill and meat along with any tailgating games you have.

We will have some games setup like Hillbilly Golf, Washers, and Kan Jam. We will also have some tv’s set up outside so we can watch the games.

We’ve invited the youth groups from other area churches to come hang out with us as well. Members from the Baptist church, Charity Christian Center, and 1AG, are invited to cookout with us and we’ve challenged them to a game of Flag Football.

So dust off your cleats, bring some Icy Hot, and play some football with us!

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