Weenie Roast and Haunted Farm

On Saturday Oct. 27th, we’ll have a weenie roast/haunted farm trip for both Jr. and Sr. High youth. Meet at the church at 5pm and then we’ll head out to Louie and Rachel’s house for a weenie roast. When it gets dark, we’ll head across the street to ‘R’ Acres Haunted Farm.

If you don’t like haunted houses/farms, no problem! You can stay at the weenie roast while the rest of us get scared. You may even hear our screams. Seriously, it’s loud out there.

We’ll have soda and hot dogs, plus things for S’mores, but I encourage you all to bring your favorite chips or cookies.

We’ll need plenty of chaperones for this trip–a few for the weenie roast and some for the haunted farm. If you’d like to volunteer for one or the other, please let me know. Thanks all! Sign up below or on our facebook page.

If you are donating snack food or drinks, please specify what you are donating so I can post it to the website for others to see. We don't want to end up with 100 hot dog buns and no weenies! Thank you for being such an awesome and generous church!


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